Registration Terms and Conditions

To be a contestant on MATCH GAME, you must fill out the form below and meet the following eligibility requirements.

1. Eligibility requirements

Application to be a contestant is open to all residents of Canada having reached the age of majority in their province of residence on the date the application is sent, with the exception of employees of the Broadcaster, Zone3 and their affiliated companies, of persons with whom they live and members of their immediate family (spouse, mother, father, children, whether they live under the same roof or not), as well as their promotion and advertising agencies, partners and their affiliated companies, suppliers of goods and services related to the Series, as well as any person having the same residential address as the persons indicated above.

To be eligible as a contestant, you must:

  1. Fill out the Registration Form and send it with a photograph;
  2. Be available for an on-site interview or a telephone audition at a time determined by Zone3;
  3. Be in attendance for the Production based on the schedule that will be communicated to you in due course by the Production;
  4. Follow the game rules and all the regulations, instructions and requirements issued by Zone3 throughout the selection process, which includes signing the participation agreement or any document required by Zone3 for your participation in the program, if need be.

2. Selecting the contestants

    1. At its entire discretion Zone3 will chose, from all of the applications to participate that are properly completed, a candidate who will be called to an interview or a phone audition in order to decide whether the person will be accepted for casting. Failure by a candidate to attend the interview or the audition will lead to the rejection of the application, at Zone3’s discretion. Candidates attending the interview or the audition must fill out an additional questionnaire.

    2. Candidates selected to participate in the series will be contacted by Zone3 by phone and/or email and will have 24 hours to accept or refuse to participate in the series. The selected candidate’s failure to indicate acceptance to Zone3 within the 24 hour timeframe may lead to the rejection of the application, at Zone’s entire discretion, without further notice.

    3. The selection of contestants by Zone3 will be done on the basis of criteria it establishes at its entire discretion, which could be subjective. Zone3’s decisions in these matters are final, definite and not subject to appeal.

    4. Every selected candidate must sign a participation agreement containing among other things clauses dealing with the authorization to broadcast, assignments, clauses relating to the use of contestant’s image by sponsors, financial partners, Zone3 and the series’ Broadcaster, as well as respecting game rules; there is no remuneration for any of this. Refusal by a contestant to sign the documents within the appropriate time will lead to the contestant’s disqualification or ineligibility to participate.

Only those candidates whose registration is completely filled out will be considered. Incomplete applications will be automatically rejected. Only those persons selected will be contacted.

There may be only one registration per year and one participation in the Series, unless the Production makes an explicit and written request otherwise.

By accepting to communicate your information and answers, you hereby acknowledge that: (i) you have read these registration conditions and accept to be bound by them; (ii) you have answered the questions in a complete, honest and fair manner; (iii) any false or incomplete information constitutes sufficient grounds to be excluded from the selection process for the Series or to be disqualified if you already have been selected; (iv) if you do meet the eligibility criteria, Zone3 is under no obligation to select you as a contestant; (v) all of Zone3’s decisions on the selection of contestants are subjective, final and not subject to appeal.

All the personal information you communicate to us will be treated as such and will be subject to the confidentiality policy of Bell Media, which can be found on the website.